Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Women's World Chess Championship - Challenger GM Koneru Humpy

Check out this news from GM Susan Polgar's blog - as always, she's right on top of the current news, despite right now being involved in the Polgar National Open for Girls and Boys: 

[excerpt] On the 5th of March the Grand Prix of Qatar has ended. Humpy Koneru became a winner of Women Grand Prix in Qatar and also got the right to play the match against Hou Yifan.

GM Koneru Humpy of India
Soooo, I garner from this report that there will NOT be a sort of "candidates' match" to determine the final challenger (from among the top finishers in the Women's Grand Prix events) to current Women's World Chess Champion GM Hou Yifan, it is only GM Koneru Humpy of India, who finished with the most points overall!  (Does this mean there are no more Women's Grand Prix events or does a new "cycle" start???  This is so confusing, someone please explain it to me.)

Holy Cow!  No pun intended!  In ancient Egypt the Holy Cow was none other than the powerful and very ancient Goddess Hathor (Hat-hert); I know that cows are also considered sacred in India, but as far as I know, India does not have a cow goddess -- please enlighten me if it does!

My most sincere and heart-felt congratulations to GM Koneru Humpy.  I have been following her career for at least the past 10 years.  I have watched her grow up into a beautiful and accomplished young lady; I have followed her battles to increase her ELO rating and earn those IM and GM norms.  I am sentimentally attached to her.  I do hope this match takes place - it will be highly anticipated by chess fans the world over.

See also Koneru Came From Way Behind to Win Women's Grand Prix.  As GM Polgar points out - Humpy scored 5.5/6 points after the break to win! 

See also Mark Crowther's comments at The Week in Chess -- I think I finally understand (?) what was going on with the points thing in the Women's Grand Prix, but FIDE did NOT help by not having up-to-date information published at its website (at least that I could find -- you would think such important information would be readily obtainable, ha!) regarding the new format to determine the women's chess champion and who would qualify to challenge for the title.  Geez, guys. 

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