Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Format for Women's World Chess Championship

Was I asleep?  Must have been - this is news to me, but it's at Wikipedia, so it must be true, LOL! (See earlier post this evening reporting on the Doha Women's Grand Prix). 

Yearly tournaments (2011-)Beginning 2011, the Women's World Chess
Championship will be held annually in the classical match format. The 2011 edition will be contested between the 2010 champion Hou Yifan and the winner of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2009/2010. The match will consist of 10 games.

In the event that Hou Yifan wins the Grand Prix, her challenger will be the runner-up.[1]

1.^; Regulations and Bidding Procedure for the Women's Grand-Prix 2009-2010 ; 30 July 2008; retrieved 24 December 2010

Well, it's no wonder. I usually don't read anything at the FIDE website, particularly not rules and regulations!

Oh my, so Hou Yifan gets short-changed and not able to hold her title for a regular two-year cycle.  What's the prize purse going to be?  Has any federation or country put out a bid to host this match?  Is this just another of FIDE's pipe-dreams?  I did not see a date set for this event on FIDE's calendar. 

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