Monday, August 22, 2011

Ancient Mesopotamian Chess Cooking Challenge!

Brought to you by none other than BAR (Biblical Archaeolgy Society).  This sounds like a lot of fun - and really, really difficult at the same time.  I imagine one will either need a great deal of cooking knowledge and skill, or an incredible amount of luck, to create an edible (I won't say palatable) dish!

Ancient Mesopotamian Cookoff Challenge Underway
Bible and archaeology news
Biblical Archaeology Society Staff • 08/19/2011

Laura Kelley, author of The Silk Road Gourmet, has challenged fellow chefs, ancient historians and food enthusiasts to compete in the first ever Ancient Mesopotamian Cookoff Challenge. Participants are invited to make dishes inspired by recipes preserved in the cuneiform tablets of ancient Mesopotamia. Featured recipes include Meat with Wild Licorice, Lamb with Barley and Mint, and Mersu, an ancient dish filled with dates and pistachio nuts. There’s only one catch: The recipes typically include only the ingredients, with little mention of amounts or directions, meaning chefs will be putting their own spin on what Mesopotamian food looked, smelled and tasted like. The competition began August 1 and will wrap up September 30.

Here is one of the recipe entries:  Lamb with Licorice and Juniper Berries (sounds delicious, actually!)

Another entry:  Mersu by Catherine McLean (three distinct recipes and entries - one a macaroon type cookie!)

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