Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Have Found a Treasure!

I am so thrilled!  I visited the tailoring and dress shop today during my lunch hour very near the office.  I met the owner, Diane Wilson, and was very impressed with her wonderful personality and talent.  She is the force behind P'dia, Custom Couture Clothing.  You can find her store-front right on East Wisconsin Avenue, 314 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. 

We chatted while we decided on the best length for my new pencil skirt (I decided to keep it as a basic wardrobe staple since I got such a good deal on it) and discussed different ways we might take up the hem of my new not-so-little black dress I bought for St. Louis.  The solution was as genius as it was simple, and will result in a dress just the right length, without altering any of the lines, and a better fitting bodice and neckline!

Best of all, the cost is extremely reasonable and I will have my pieces ready on August 31st! 

Diane has more than 40 years experience in the field including designing and executing her own custom clothing designs for her customers.  After having met Diane, I am greatly tempted to have her design a flattering winter dress - I would love a warm dress with long sleeves and a cowl neck, skimming curves rather than highlighting undesirable lumps and bumbs!  Let me tell you, Diane knows exactly what a lady of a certain age needs to emphasis the positive and hide the negative! 

Diane's business is at Facebook and you can find out more about Diane and her business, and also get a look at some of her designs as well as an inventory of some lovely dresses (these are not her work), including some beautiful bridal gowns, that are being liquidated and sold at incredible (unbelievable) low prices!  Check it out!

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