Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Miscellany!

Hola darlings!  The weather has been gorgeous here the past week or so, a little more humid than I like but getting cool during the night and able to open up all the windows and sleep with fresh air!  Ahhhh!  Also saving on electricity big time because it seems for nearly 2 months straight I was constantly running the central AC!

What's on my mind tonight:

ONE:  Is the end of the world really coming?  LOL!  I'm joking, of course!  I don't believe it for a second.  I think all the stuff written in the various holy books for various religions are allegories and meant to teach lessons about "what will happen if you don't brush your teeth" -- your teeth fall out!  Or whatever.  You get the idea. 

But the internet is buzzzzzzzing with the three quakes in the US (nobody cared about the much larger quake that happened in a remote area in Peru during the same time frame).  What is it about earthquakes on the east coast that brings out the Armageddon crew en masse?  Do the vibrations somehow alter the ratio of ozone in the air supply, affecting certain people's brains???  Oops - I think I just may have started a new "end of the world as we know it" scenario...  See, for instance:

Calm Down People...The D.C. Earthquake Is Not The End of The World

Of course, the same old crap was burning up the internet back in 2010 after Haiti and Japan:

Now an earthquake in Chile! Do these earthquakes signal the end of the world is near?

Think I'm exaggerating?  Ha ha ha!  Just try a search using words such as earthquakes and end times and watch what pops up.

TWO:  The quest for the not-so-little black dress.  Darlings, I am beginning to think that my brain has somehow been permanently altered, and it's rather frightening!  I can't seem to get black dresses out of mind, for one thing, and now I'm on a quest for the perfect yet comfortable dress shoe to go with the perfect not-so-little black dress!  What's more, I am fixated on the constant discount coupons I am now being slathered with from the online retailers I ordered merchandise from recently.  OHMYGODDESS!  Will it never end?  Hellllllllppppppp........

You know, it never occurred to me before, but Hellllllllppppppp........ is actually a contraction for the words HELL (echo, echo, echo, echo, echooooo.....) and GULP! 

Should I be grateful for this re-awakened fashion frenzy?  Hmmmm....  I actually ordered VOGUE.  Yes, I know, darlings.  Incredible.  A two years for the price of one special.  I couldn't pass up such a good deal :)

Anyway, as you know, I found this most incredible couture designer who also does alterations and tailoring - Ms. Diane Wilson of P'dia in downtown Milwaukee.  So I owe my quest for the perfect not-so-little black dress to meeting this incredible lady. 

"Maka" by Annie
As for those damn shoes - not so easy!  I do not, really, want to go shopping yet again tomorrow.  I'm tired!  So, tonight after work I dashed over to Rogan's Shoes near where I live because I found them online and I thought they would have all of these fabulous shoes in stock!  EPIC FAIL.  They have a huge store and it's all odds and ends!  I didn't spend 10 minutes looking before I knew it was a bust, and the 14 year old clerks were not an encouraging sign.  Soooo, I went back to Zappo's and ordered two pairs of shoes, crossing my fingers that they will arrive and at least one pair will fit and I'll be able to walk in them and stand for more than 15 minutes!   "Maka" is one of the styles I chose.  The other pair is - well, it just looks like granny.

But I expect that since rain is forecast for tomorrow, I'll be going shopping - again.  Sigh.

 THREE:  The World of Weird!  (or is that Wierd???)

From the news archives of The Daily Grail (yes, I still visit there!) - do you remember the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Michael Rene' as the alien, the uber-robot "Clatu," and the hot mother-babe (an archetype if ever there was one), Patricia Neal, back in the day in 1951!  Oooooohhhhhhh.....

Press Release
(Reported at DG on August 26, 2011):
Russian Scientists Decode Extraterrestrials’ Messages – Grave Warning for Humanity

The Earth is in the final stages in a cycle of development of human consciousness and the organic world. A critical decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field will cause global cataclysmic events. Extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) have offered humanity the only avenue for escape on the eve of these predicted global cataclysms. This is the claim of two Russian scientists Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. They have authored over two hundred publications and nineteen patents. ... .

And of course, I couldn't complete this post without something on our uber-evil U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, BWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHH!  Those Evil Menaces are all over, they are all-seeing, they never rest, not even for a second.  They are the ones who have planted that micro camera inside the drips in your kitchen sink and yes - oh horrors, horrors! - your shower - EEEK EEEEK EEEEEEEK EEEEEEEKKKKKKK.    Okay, you get the point.... Ha ha ha!  Get it?  YOU GET THE POINT?  Ha ha ha!

From the Weird World News of Alejandro Rojas
New Mexico Cop Says Military Responsible for Cattle Mutilations
Posted: 8/22/11 02:03 PM ET

Wait a second.  What the hell is that?  I thought we were supposed to be writing about cattle mutilations - oh no!  It - it's - oh no!  It's the granny shoe that Jan ordered EEEK EEEEEEKKKKK EEEEEEKKKKKKKK EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK - WHERE'S THAT' KNIFE, QUICK! 

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