Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Revolutionary War Ancestor

Not mine!  My French Canadian paternal ancestor did not emmigrate to the United States until 1881; my Polish paternal ancestor did not arrive until 1847.  Nope - this is Isis' family line through Odis/Otis Lee New, 25 Apr 1912, Honey Grove, Fannin, TX; d. 03 Dec. 1976, San Francisco County, CA.

As far back as I've been able to trace:

Nickel Neu, b. 1530, Horbach, Bengstrasse, Hessen, Germany, d. 1634 (?)
Daniel Neu, b. 1569, Webenheim, Ssarpfalz-Kreis, Saarland, Germany, d. 1609
Jacob Neu, b. 1605, Dalheim, Gottingen, Niedersachgsen, Germany, d. 1676
Hans Georg Neu, b. 1685 - d. 1756 Brfeitfurt, Saarpfalz-Kreis, Saarland, Germany
Johann Peter Neu/New, b. 25 Sep 1725 Weilburg, Limburg-Weilburg, Hessen, Germany, d. 10 Jul 1788 Hampshire County, VA, USA (THE FIRST IN THE FAMILY LINE TO EMMIGRATE FROM THE OLD WORLD TO THE NEW WORLD)
Jacob New, b. 13 Jul 1761 BGerkley, VA, d. 02 Dec 1835, Rockdale, Newton, GA (now Conyers, Rockdale, GA) - REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERN.  Granted two lots of land in Georgia in 1827 lottery held for the Revolutionary War Veterans.
Jesse New, b. 1795 Virginia, USA, d. (date unk) Floyd, GA
Ancel B. New, b. 1816 Pike, GA, date of death unk
Ancel McDonald New, b. 26 Aug. 1852, Rome, Floyd, GA, d. 07 Jun 1931, Owensville, Robertson, TX
Samuel Lee New, b. 23 Dec 1894, Atlanta, GA, d. 30 Sep. 1961, Roosevelt, Kiowa, OK
Odis/Otis Lee New (see above)

Isis would be able to claim a membership in the Daughters of the Revolutionary War, should she choose to submit the proper paperwork and genealogy. 

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