Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Very Special Event to Benefit the National Scholastic Chess Foundation

Last month I visted St. Louis, Missouri to attend a meeting of Chess Collectors International that coincided with the start of the Kings v. Queens Chess Tournament at the "St. Louis Chess Club" and the grand opening (right across the street from the chess club) of the World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum.  I met many wonderful people!  One of my favorites is Lynn Hamrick.

It's one of those coincidences that is no coincidence that just last night I finished viewing Part 2 of Lynn's great award-winning video Chess Kids - Where They Are Now.  I had watched Part 1 a few evenings before, and became totally absorbed in the experiences of several children playing in various age brackets of the 1990 World Youth Chess Championships held in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin!  The respective winners of the "Boys" and "Girls" Sections were:
Under 14:
1990 Fond du Lac (United States) Judit Polgár (Hungary) Diana Darchia (Soviet Union)

Under 12:
1990 Fond du Lac (United States) Boris Avrukh (Soviet Union) Corina Peptan (Romania)

Under 10:
1990 Fond du Lac (United States) Nawrose Farh Nur (United States) Evelyn Moncayo Romero (Ecuador)

1990 - Fond du Lac, USA - (July 14 - July 22) - Wisconsin's Marian College hosted the 5th World Youth Festival, which attracted 170 players from 44 nations. With federation officials and parental entourages, this number swelled to more than 300. It was the first time that the USA had hosted a chess event of this size and importance and the accommodation and conditions received high praise from the competitors. Judit Polgár celebrated victory on her fourteenth birthday (23 July), by taking the gold medal in the Boys U-14 event. This was the second occasion on which she had successfully competed in the Boys category. Her father, Laszlo Polgar, pointed out that Judit's last three 'world' competitions, including the Thessaloniki Olympiad, had resulted in a score of +26 =9 -0. Vasily Emelin of the USSR and Gabriel Schwartzman of Romania finished in silver and bronze medal places. Russia's Diana Darchia won the corresponding Girls' U-14 event from the USSR's Inna Gaponenko and Hungarian Monika Grabics. In the Boys U-12, Boris Avrukh outdistanced second placed John Viloria and third placed Peter Leko. Corina Peptan was triumphant in the Girls U-12, ahead of Monika Bobrowska and Nikoletta Lakos. In the Boys U-10, Nawrose Nur won by a good margin from the Romanian Alin Berescu and Adrien Leroy of France. Ecuador's Evelyn Moncayo took gold in the Girls U-10, while Claudia Bilciu of Romania and Jovanka Houska of England took silver and bronze, respectively. New In Chess Best Game awards were chaired by Arnold Denker and won by Judit Polgár, Yvonne Krawiec, Tal Shaked, Corina Peptan, Francisco Vallejo Pons and Claudia Bilciu. Polgar made it a clean sweep by winning an Under-14 Blitz tournament from Vasily Emelin and Ronan Har-Zvi of Israel.
--- CHESS magazine Vol 55. October p. 5 and November p. 26

Early this morning I received an email from - Lynn Hamrick!   
Lynn is teaming up with the National Scholastic Chess Foundation in a fund-raiser for a very worthy cause, and a special screening of the new edition of Chess Kids will be held:

Chess Kids
A documentary by Lynn Hamrick

Please join Sunil Weeramantry and the National Scholastic Chess Foundation teachers at a special screening of this award-winning film followed by a question and answer session with director and producer Lynn Hamrick

Saturday, November 5 2 P.M.
at The Picture House 175 Wolfs Lane Pelham, New York
$20 per person for admission, small popcorn, and drink

Chess Kids follows the progress of a group of talented students at the 1990 World Youth Chess Championship in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and rejoins them as adults

“The most realistic portrayal of tournament chess I’ve seen”-Jack Peters of the Los Angeles Times
* * * * * * * * *
Reception with Lynn Hamrick to benefit the NSCF 4 to 5:30 PM – following the screening
 Bistro Rollin 142 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, New York (4 blocks from the Picture House)

RSVP: To pay by credit card go to NSCFCHESS.ORG
For more information call the NSCF at 914-683-5322

Please help support this wonderful organization that helps chess kids - and give a shout out to Lynn, too. She is a great producer and one fabulous lady.

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