Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas

Me and everybody else, it seems.  Reporting from my usual archaeological sources is down right now, hmmmm, wonder why...

My house is torn apart, busy decorating, cleaning, 10,000 things that have to be done!  No time to get them all done, of course!  And what do I do, I'm taking on more projects.  I was thinking today, out of the blue, about years ago (and I do mean years, darlings) when I was in Girl Scouts and we made toilet paper "carnation" wreaths on hangers! 

Well, I actually found a website that shows how to make those toilet paper carnations (I couldn't remember, it was like 50 years ago!), but nothing about making wreaths out of them.  However, I got another idea for a wreath, and so instead of spending $19.99 to get a pre-lit battery operated artificial greenery wreath from Boston Store (on sale), I am going to try my hand at making an ornament wreath!  I saw them at lots of decorating blogs over the past few days -- I've been spending some time looking at how various clever women are decorating the interiors of their homes this holiday season and it's just overwhelming how many creative, talented and ENERGETIC women are out there! 

A dollar store ornament wreath.  I won't be adding ribbon to this model -
but I have another idea for another type of wreath that I can also
make with materials on hand...
So, tonight I stopped at the Family Dollar and picked up 40 shiny gold and 20 shiny silver ornaments (total cost: $10.00) and am going to try my hand at "crafting."  LOL! 

Meanwhile, I also picked up a great idea for a knock-out (I hope) centerpiece for the mantle -- I just have to have daylight to scooch around the backyard cutting some bare branches; tonight at the Family Dollar I picked up a box of mini-ornaments to hang from the branches, all I've got to do is artfully arrange them in a tall glass vase or hurricane lamp  and stick the ornaments on.

Sooo, mantle is not quite done.  I have a great spot for the ornament wreath - the bare wall by the stairs!  And another idea for a different style of wreath entirely...  But, here's another ornament wreath that was for offered at $81.00.  Hmmmm, $10.00 versus $81.00...

This fun wreath measures 16" in diameter. It is made with about 100 ball ornaments covered in silver glitter. The balls are reproductions of vintage glass ornaments. They are actually plastic, so they are less breakable. The balls measure 3/4" - 1 1/2".  mfg:  Cody Foster & Co.  $90.00 -- on sale $81.00

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Robert Moore said...

Well, it's far from quiet in the UK.

All over the news Thursday - archeologists have discovered a mummified cat.

A cat is not that ususual in itself, but this cat was found in a rare 17th Century stone cottage that was being excavated near Pendle Hill. That's where the famous 17th Century witch cult is alledged to have existed.

BBC News had a live outside broadcast from Pendle Hill, Thurday morning. The broadcast was cut short by sudden horrific weather, 165mph winds in Scotland. Rather spooky actually.

Google for 'pendle cat' (270 articles).

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