Sunday, December 4, 2011

Polgar Sisters at Aquaprofit Chess Day

Aquaprofit has put on splendid programs featuring the famous Polgar sisters for some years now.  This year's gala looked to be the biggest and best yet, judging by the photographs and article provided at

5th Aquaprofit - Polgar Chess Day
28.11.2011– For the fifth straight year, Aquaprofit sponsored the Polgar Chess Day, a giant chess bonanza designed to promote chess through many activities, with a focus on children, celebrity presences and massive media coverage. The event is spearheaded by Judit Polgar herself, with the collaboration of her sisters Susan and Sofia. With pictures and videos here is the report by Diana Mihajlova.

You can also find coverage at Susan Polgar's blogVideo from the 5th Aquaprofit Chess Day. 

Some lovely photos of the three famous chessplaying women:

Sofia Polgar, right, and Clara Polgar, mother of the three sisters (left).

"Chocolate" chess - Judit eats a piece she won from sister Sofia!

Susan Polgar explaining a game move.

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