Monday, December 5, 2011

Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have...

attempted to decorate the fireplace mantle for the first time since the fireplace was installed in - 2002???  Whenever...

I intend to add strands of draped gold beads but I need to purchase some removable clippy-things to hold them up.  Not sure how it will turn out, and I will remove them if I don't like how the beads look.

I like the candles, I added gold pinecones and ornaments to the plant to dress it up a little (there was no other suitable window to move it to for the holiday season so it stays, too).  I'm not sure about the French ribbon, I sort of like the ornaments hanging from the ribbon. 

This is a working mantle - the television and aerial will not be moved!  A day or two before Christmas I'll cut some juniper boughs from my gigantic juniper in the backyard to add some natural greenery and fresh scent.

The room is a mess right now - boxes of ornaments all over the place.  I used one of my already-owned hurricane glass columns to build an ornament stack with already-owned ornaments and I like how it looks!  Got the idea from a decorating blog I came across while looking for instructions of how to add French ribbon to a Christmas tree!  Not sure I'll keep it caged inside the candlabra (center of table in photo, below).  You can't see them very well, but the topiaries have also been pulled out of storage and are on either side of the hearth, dressed with their own special red ribbons (not matching). 

These photos were taken only with the ambient light from the Christmas tree!  I told you itm throws off a lot of light!  No flash used.   I took several photos but because of the long exposure delay most of them turned out too blurred to use.  My hands shake after a limited period of time, no way around that, I'm not a tripod person!  On the other hand, I do like the slightly blurred effect and glow that the light gives to the room...

I have special looks planned for the dinette table too, using currently owned ornaments and a couple of tall aluminum candlesticks and candle shades long stashed away in one of the kitchen cabinets, but I have to get the right size candles tomorrow to fit tightly in the candlesticks, else it won't work!

I've already broken my vow not to buy a single thing for Christmas add-ons this year - oh, foolish me:

(1)  Gold frosted pinecone picks tonight after work - they were added to the plant on the mantle
(2)  Roll of gold French ribbon from TJMaxx today during lunch hour
(3)  Gold ruffled tree skirt from TJMaxx today during lunch hour.  I've been shopping for a tree skirt forever, darlings, and this was the very first time that I not only found a skirt I really like, it was also at a price that I liked!  I just had to buy it
(4)  Decorative Christmas design plate with greenery and cardinal (not yet displayed) from TJMaxx today during lunch hour
(5)  Box of four large white and gold ornaments from TJMax today during lunch hour.  Actually, I am thinking I'm going to need more ornaments, a lot more ornaments...
(6)  Christmas PJs (they were so cute, and so soft and cuddly, I couldn't resist - from TJMaxx today during lunch hour
(7)  Set of three wax flameless candles (cha ching) - purchased from one of the honorary Crazy Cougars Rock during some sort of candle party she held (definitely not Walgreens candles), and a package of mulberry-scented tea lights
(8)  Two rolls of gold patterned French ribbon from Walgreens
(9)  Two large gold stars to form a "tree topper" from Walgreens

Well, I have to say -- even though I haven't started decorating the tree, with its bright white lights off for the night and the red, blue and green bulbs turned on in my three living room lamps, with the flameless candles flickering on the mantle, I am loving the look of my living room right now.  Way past my bedtime and I've just started cooking a casserole.  No wonder people are so stressed out during the holiday season - they don't get enought sleep!  Got to wash up, casserole is calling my name...

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