Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last Night and This Morning!

Spring has sprung
The storms have riz
I wonder where the flowers is

They're hiding under the snow, you dork! 

A little slide show I put together.  The storm was at its height during rush hour last evening, and it was nasty walking home through it, let me tell you!  The snow was wet, heavy and blowing all over the place.  I was getting thunked on the head from snow clumps falling out of trees, power lines were arcing and scaring the hell out of me, and the scarf I had wrapped around my face in a useless attempt to protect only succeeded in wrapping me in a soggy, wet mess that dripped icy rivulets of half-melted snow down the back of my neck!

But once I got home, I have to admit it was beautiful outside.  Ferocious, but beautiful.  My fingers itched for the camera and I snapped some shots in the dark -- not very good ones.  Then I took a couple of photos inside in the dark of my "spring" decorating attempts.  First time - ever - I have "decorated" the house for spring.  I'm mad, I tell you, MAD...

This morning dawned sunny and mild.  The view out the front window was breathtaking, same with the view out the patio door in the back.  I put down nuts for the squirrels.   I went out to get my exercise -- shoveling the snow before it turns to ice!  I figure each half-shovel full weighs about 10 pounds.  That's a lot of lifting, folks.  I feel like I've got Popeye arms right about now. 

After 45 minutes I took a break - still taking a break over an hour later :)  But I will finish it soon.

I took more photographs of the trees, street and yard scenes this morning, because the snow is - against all odds - still mostly clinging and covering everything in a wet blanket of white.  The sky fades from bright spring blue to dark storm cloud greys, and then the sun breaks through again and sends shafts of hot sunlight bouncing here and there. 

I'm in the mood - the mood for food - so time to eat some lunch.  I'm going to make a carrot salad and share it with my little bunny friend with the cheeky grin.  He was a gift from my honorary niece, Michelle, some years ago and he normally resides in the guest room with Bear.  But what better harbinger of spring than a snow storm, birds, butterflies, blossoms and bunnies???  I hope you enjoy my slideshow.

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