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2012 Canadian Closed Chess Championship (Zonal)

While the Canadian ladies were leaving their national championship (a zonal) like a Plague of Locusts had descended upon the playing venue  (FOUR players left before the final round - yep, FOUR!), the chess dudes were battling in the National Closed (also a zonal) for a spot in the 2013 World Cup and the money it promises, even if you get knocked out in the first round.  It's the same thing with the Canadian's women's representative who will be making an appearing at the 2012 FIDE Women's World Chess Championship in Siberia Russia (I'm NOT kidding - it's going to be in SIBERIA!)  Even if a player does not advance very far in the rounds because of the knock-out format utilized, there is a generous prize structure so players at these events do not come home empty-handed.

You can read all of the details about the Women's Championship/Zonal at the special pages I put up for the 2012 Goddesschess Canadian Women's Chess Championship -- you can find the links near the top of the home page in the left hand column. 

Here are the final standings for the Canadian Chess Championship (Zonal):

Grille américaine finale après la ronde 9 .

1GMSAMBUEV Bator2523CAN20w116b112w13b12w110b115w111b14w½8.5
2GMKOVALYOV Anton2605CAN14b½33w113b14w11b011w112b13w15b½7.0
3IMNORITSYN Nikolay2472CAN27b117w111b11w015b014w18b12b010w16.0
4IMGERZHOY Leonid2448CAN6w126b18w½2b012w½16b½17w115b11b½6.0
5FMWANG Richard2338CAN21b022w114b17w½18b115w½10w½16b12w½6.0
6CMGUSEV Nikita2117CAN4b025w117b½30w126b½8w024b114w112b16.0
7FMHAMILTON Robert2305CAN28w130b½10w½5b½13w020b19b118w½8b½5.5
8QIN Zi Yi (joey)2198CAN31b115w14b½11w½10w06b13w017b17w½5.5
9HUMPHREYS Michael2179CAN36w111w028b020b½23w119b17w026w118b15.5
10IMHEBERT Jean2410CAN35b113w½7b½26w18b11w05b½12w½3b05.0
11FMJIANG Louie2337CAN19w19b13w08b½28w12b026b11w013b½5.0
12FMPECHENKIN Vladimir2334CAN22b121w11b027w14b½13w12w010b½6w05.0
13KRAIOUCHKINE Nikita2204CAN29w110b½2w032w17b112b016w028b111w½5.0
14SONG Michael2154CAN2w½18b½5w024b119w13b027w16b021w15.0
15IMPANJWANI Raja2394CAN32w18b030w119b13w15b½1b04w0-04.5
16FMMILICEVIC Goran2287CAN23b11w027b021w122b14w½13b15w0-04.5
17FMKHASSANOV Marat2273CAN24w13b06w½28b½27w½33b14b08w029b14.5
18MASSE Hugues2232CAN33b½14w½32b½23w15w027b½20w17b½9w04.5
19DERRAUGH Geordie2097CAN11b036w135b115w014b09w025b130w122b½4.5
20CARRIER Claude2154CAN1b023w½33b½9w½30b17w018b031w½32b14.0
21ROBICHAUD Louis2100CAN5w112b026w016b025w½23b½33w124w114b04.0
22FILIPOVICH David2091CAN12w05b031w134b116w029b½30w½27b½19w½4.0
23ANASTASOVSKI Nikola2070CAN16w020b½29w118b09b021w½32w0-133b14.0
24ITKIN David2058CAN17b027w036b114w034w132b16w021b028w14.0
25ZHU Hong Rui2029CAN26b06b034w035w121b½31b½19w033w130b14.0
26CHABOT Roland2231CAN25w14w021b110b06w½28b111w09b0-03.5
27LAROCHELLE Martial2153CAN3w024b116w112b017b½18w½14b022w½-03.5
28PREOTU Razvan2080CAN7b034b19w117w½11b026w029b113w024b03.5
29LUO Zhao Yang1991CAN13b035w½23b033w½36b122w½28w032b117w03.5
30OUSSEDIK Elias2005CAN34w17w½15b06b020w035w122b½19b025w03.0
31LEUTSCHAFT Martin2143CAN8w032b022b036w½35b½25w½-120b½-03.0
32CHIKU-RATTE Olivier Kenta2107CAN15b031w118w½13b033b024w023b129w020w02.5
33UPPER John2036CAN18w½2b020w½29b½32w117w021b025b023w02.5
34BOLDUC Steve2229CAN30b028w025b122w024b0-0-0-0-01.0
35BER Yves2114CAN10w029b½19w025b031w½30b0-0-0-01.0

I believe there are some people who are saying I am being too harsh, that players leave tournaments all the time.  Yeah, right.  They walk out on national championships all the time?  Not that I've read about.  Of course, I have not read every single thing ever printed or written about every single national championship that has been held since the world began until this very instant, so I must qualify my indignation with that caveat.  Dudes - if you can't handle not making a "reputable" score, why did you sign up to begin with, knowing what the level of competition was going to be?  I know that things happen, but walking out on a national championship just because you don't like your score -- well, that's just bogus.

Same question for the ladies. 

I know of only one instance where there are what I consider extenuating circumstances that justified a player leaving before the Women's Championship was completed.  Perhaps there are others.  But - really - come on, people.  Show a little respect for the institutions - for the titles you were allegedly playing for!

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