Monday, June 3, 2013

The All Egypt Edition

Hola darlings!

Egyptian antiquities have been in the news quite a bit recently.  Here is a quick review.  Click on a particular link to read more:

Interview with Hawi Zahass at The Smithsonian Online.  I read it through, but not thoroughly.  Well worth the read - lots of fascinating information in it!

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Zahi Hawass
  • By Joshua Hammer
  • Smithsonian magazine, June 2013

    You all have probably heard about this right now, but Explorator conveniently compiled related links regarding the discovery of, reporting on, apology for, attempted (but failed) restoration and, so they now claim, a successful removal of the grafiti.  Yeah, like I believe the pathetic schmucks running ANYTHING in Egypt right now?  NOT!

  • A Chinese tourist defaced an image of Alexander the Great in a temple
    in Luxor:\

    … and his parents later apologized :\

    … and there was a followup piece on graffiti on Egyptian monuments:\

    A sensationalistic article (one of a great deal of coverage on the discovery) about the first evidence of child abuse in ancient Egypt -- from an oasis late in the empire that was basically overrun by Romans and was "Christian."  Frankly, I'm skeptical that the child was actually Egyptian:

    Earliest Case of Child Abuse Discovered in Egyptian Cemetery

    Date: 28 May 2013 Time: 08:24 AM ET

    Lots of news about the well-noted decline in tourism in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood took the government over.  Well, what the hell did they expect!  Unemployed thugs and the desperate who do not realize or do not care just how much damage they are doing to their country are out in the streets daily, maybe some of them paid by the struggling government and the rest are just - you know - stupid, protesting and shouting ceaselessly "DEATH TO AMERICA."  Even CNN doesn't report on these schmucks any more, everyone rolls their eyes and spends their money elsewhere. Free-spending, big-spending American tourists are avoiding Egypt en masse these days.  Does the Brotherhood really think Chinese tourists will make up the shortfall?  LOL!

    Egypt's tourism still in decline after uprising
    Sarah Lynch, Special for USA TODAY
    12:17 a.m. EDT April 4, 2013

    Tourism in Egypt: Hope amid a slow recovery
    By Orlando Crowcroft, for CNN
    updated 7:19 AM EDT, Thu May 23, 2013

    Wondering if anyone else found this as hysterically funny as I did, LOL! 

    'It's just business' says minister on phobia of Iranian tourists in Egypt
    Dalia Farouk and Ahram Online , Saturday 1 Jun 2013

    And if anyone really believes the government that the tourist traps along the Red Sea will still be welcoming Europeans and others with open arms, and bikinis will not be banned and booze will continue to be served - just wait until they read this article.  And the authorities are writing this off to an "inexperienced" security officer.  Hmmmmm....


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