Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 European Individual Chess Championship

The Armenian Chess Federation is the host of this year's 2014 European Individual Chess Championship, taking place March 2-15, 2014 (play dates March 3-8, rest day March 9, March 10-14).  Official website.

Top prize is $20,000, and there is some tough competition, with 263 players!

Among them are some chess femmes, including GM Judit Polgar!  Glad to see her playing and I was shocked -- I thought she was retired!  Here are the ladies according to players' list:

Judit ranks 17th by ELO overall:

17GMPolgar Judit 700070HUN2693w
106GMDzagnidze Nana 13601903GEO2546w
127GMStefanova Antoaneta 2902257BUL2486w
132GMDanielian Elina 13300210ARM2467w
134IMMkrtchian Lilit 13300601ARM2465w
140IMMelia Salome 13602446GEO2453w
148WGMGoryachkina Aleksandra 4147103RUS2428w
166IMBulmaga Irina 13903063ROU2375w
168WGMArabidze Meri 13604040GEO2374w
179WGMCharochkina Daria 4180917RUS2359w
187WGMKursova Maria 4129709ARM2326w
188IMGalojan Lilit 13301314ARM2317w
198WGMCherednichenko Svetlana 14105551UKR2270w
214WIMPavlidou Ekaterini 4213262GRE2192w
215WIMHairapetian Anna 13303554ARM2188w
218WFMGevorgyan Maria 13300270ARM2180w
234 Imnadze Nato 13600974GEO2100w
236 Bykova Anastasia 4164970RUS2097w
238 Sargsyan Shushanna 13304372ARM2093w
241 Babayan Armine 13304135ARM2085w
251 Karapetyan Lusine 13303163ARM1985w

After 4 rounds, here are the top players and whatever chess femmes I could pick out of the list:

Ranking Crosstable after Round 4

RankSNo. NameRtgFEDPtsRtgØ
153GMNajer Evgeniy2633RUS42551
19167WGMCharochkina Daria2374RUS32599
2718GMPolgar Judit2693HUN32583
76104GMDzagnidze Nana2546GEO2½​2573
78132IMMkrtchian Lilit2465ARM2½​2568
114166IMBulmaga Irina2375ROU22640
119129GMStefanova Antoaneta2476BUL22616
124186WGMKursova Maria2326ARM22564
127147WGMGoryachkina Aleksandra2424RUS22526
149131GMDanielian Elina2467ARM22415
170160WGMArabidze Meri2388GEO1½​2616
181137IMMelia Salome2453GEO1½​2553
187211WIMHairapetian Anna2188ARM1½​2512
190232 Sargsyan Shushanna2093ARM1½​2480
192216WFMGevorgyan Maria2180ARM1½​2460
208194WGMCherednichenko Svetlana2270UKR12618
212188IMGalojan Lilit2317ARM12583
227226 Bykova Anastasia2132RUS12449
230231WFMImnadze Nato2100GEO12414
241212WIMPavlidou Ekaterini2188GRE½​2519
249241 Gaboyan Susanna2043ARM½​2385
250246 Karapetyan Lusine1985ARM½​2360

I'll report again when the tournament has advanced some.

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