Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blast Victim's Kin Seeks Goddess' Help

Radhika Iyer Sunday, September 9, 2007 (Hyderabad) It's been more than two weeks since the twin blasts in Hyderabad changed the lives of the victims forever. Forensic experts say the bomb at Gokul Chaat was placed on top of an ice-cream machine that was five feet high. Which is why, many have suffered injuries on the face, chest and head, and 35-year-old Lakshmi is one of them. Her husband Ramachander has been visiting a temple inside a hospital in Hyderabad ever since she was brought in there two weeks ago. He hopes Goddess Lakshmi will send his wife Lakshmi home soon. She slipped into a coma since the night of the bomb blasts.' 'I pray that my wife returns home. We never fought madam. We were always cordial,'' said P Ramachander, Lakshmi's husband. Lakshmi was shopping at Koti that rainy Saturday with her two sisters whom she had met after many months. They decided to have ice cream at Gokul Chaat without realizing that a bomb was placed right on top of the ice-cream machine. ''Just kill them. Why interrogate? Even the Mecca Masjid bomb should not have happened. Whatever may be the religion of those who die, they are after all humans,'' said P Ramachander, Lakshmi's husband. Lakshmi's three children aged between 12 and 16 have not gone to school the last two weeks. Moving on is not easy when your world has come crashing down.

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