Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night - Thank Goddess - Miscellany

Ohmygoddess, what a fricking stressful week! I am soooo glad it's finally over. The weather has turned here - it's going into the 40's tonight and may freeze elsewhere, eek! Less than a week ago I had the central air on, it was in the 90's, hot as hell and so humid the mosquitoes could walk across the air to land on you instead of flying. Enough of that. Here's some chess stuff for you. I read over at Susan Polgar's blog that she has started her own message board. While I'm an admirer of the GM, one thing we don't need is yet another message/discussion board! I expect that after awhile her blog will settle down mostly to folks interested in scholastic chess matters. If you want to write about chess politics, try Groups, chess/rec/politics at Google - but be warned - Sam Sloan hangs out there. If you want depth and range of discussion over a wide range of chess-related subject, IMHO, the Chessville discussion board, which is almost as old as Methuselah, darlings, is simply the best. (The older posts are a source of treasure in and of themselves). The group of "regulars" is friendly and - best of all - generally well-behaved. Check it out. I've been avoiding the subject for the most part, but there is a world championship going on - sort of. I still don't think I have this figured out - but since I don't care much who the heck the man's chess champion is anyway, this is all more or less a gigantic yawn for me, except for Alexander Morozevich. I just think he's so cool - cute too, in a sort of aestete sort of way (he's let himself get way too thin, darlings). I like how he plays chess - a throwback - so some would have it - to the "romantic" tradition of the 19th century, when masters played chess without aid of computers and books of prior games to pour over and study and memorize. Right now Moro is in 8th (last) place (sigh), with 0.5 points after 2 rounds. Since he's the only player I really care about, he's the only one about whom I'll report :) I have found over the years that TWIC is invariably the best source for all chess news. I recommend that if you want to follow the Championship, you do so there. And, for interesting blog discussion on the Championship, follow the action at Mig's "Daily Dirt" at Chess Ninja. I'll post more later - right now I'm taking a break for a late supper!

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