Saturday, November 17, 2007

2007 Spice Cup Invitational

The final results are in: Perelshteyn 6.5/9 (+4); Hernandez 6/9 (+3); Miton 5.5/9 (+2); Becerra 5.5/9; Hera 5/9 (+1); Krush 4/9 (-1); Hoyos 3.5/9 (-2); Lugo 3/9 (-3); Gulko 3/9; Schneider 3/9. There are lots of photos and coverage of the event at Susan Polgar's chess blog. Dylan McClain has covered the event at his New York Times chess blog, Gambit, and has an article on the event published late this afternoon. Kudos to SPICE, Polgar, Truong, etc. for organizing and, of course, to Texas Tech, for hosting, this event. The event was picked up by and reported on by countless blogs and all of the major sites reporting on chess events/news: TWIC, Chessville, Chessdom, the USCF website and Chess Femme News, among others. I'm not alone in hoping that this is only the first of many such events that will be put together by SPICE and hosted by Texas Tech.

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