Thursday, November 15, 2007

NFL Goddess

Now my life is complete. "Ooooooohhhhh, sweet mystery of life, at last I found you...." (from Young Frankenstein). At first I thought this website was blank because other than some advertising running down the left side, I saw nothing but a white expanse where text should appear. But after I scrolled down, I found text! Take a look at NFL Goddess. Now, I don't think it's written by a real goddess. A real goddess would have much keener insight into the game, and the players, and would come up with much more accurate predictions (don't cha think?) And I'm wondering if this is even written by a female. It doesn't have the "feel" of female writing, somehow. More like a man pretending to be a woman but has never had a date OR sisters and so is absolutely clueless. Hmmm... Anyway, enjoy. It's just nice to know there is an NFL Goddess out there - a REAL one (and She's a Packer's fan). P.S. That pic of Favre from 11/13/07 is SO apropos. The man is getting younger by the minute. It's a long ways yet, but if we do get to the Super Bowl this season (1996 season - WON!!!!! 1997 season - didn't quite win) I suspect that Favre (pronounced FARVE cuz he's a good ol' boy, not FAV-reh like the bayou Frenchies with pointy noses say it) will play until he's 50!

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