Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hair - Okay

Hola! Just a quick note - PBS is featuring "The Big Country" tonight and it's coming on right NOW. I'm going to kick back with a glass of wine (or two) and watch one of my favorite westerns/romance/dramas of all time. Hair turned out okay. The spa treatment was a HOOT - would definitely do that again just for the luxury of it, darlings! An aromatic oil massage of my head and shoulders, a soft, gentle wash and rinse with my feet elevated, two hot towel treatments while the hair was soaking up a rich conditioner, ahhhhhhh. I even enjoyed the shopping, although the weather was cold, wet, generally crappy and the stores are fronted outdoors, the Bayshore Mall is really gorgeous and was crowded with shoppers. You wouldn't know we're at the beginnings of a recession (the economists haven't figured it out yet, and evidently neither has Milwaukee's middle class). After our spa visit, we shopped at Chico's, J. Jill, Brooks and - no, not Dunn, that's the country-western duo, but it's Brooks and someplace - I never shop there darlings, so I wouldn't know, but my friends do and they know EVERYTHING about fashion. We hit at least two other places too, and our last stop before lunch was Boston Store, which is much more my style (ultra conservative - in clothes, that is, not politics). After resisting all efforts during the late morning and early afternoon to convert me to a fashionista, I succumbed to the lure of cotton fisherman knit turtleneck sweaters on sale - with an extra 20% off - two for $45 and change. Such a deal, how could I resist? I picked pink and periwinkle - I've been craving a pink sweater and couldn't find one that suited - until today. The periwinkle color was a compromise when a different styled red sweater didn't fit - and actually, I already have three other red sweaters and didn't need another one, and the periwinkle was surprisingly flattering. As is the new "do." The overall shape was evened-out - all the straggly ends were cut away but not that much hair was removed, in the end, it's still plenty long for me, at least 2 inches below shoulder length. The angling of the hair on the sides toward the jawline wasn't as successful - the hairdresser in Las Vegas in 2001 did a much better job with her scissors. But - live and learn. Guess I'll have to visit 'Sis in Las Vegas for my next haircut :) Okay - time to settle in and watch one of the best movies of all time. 'night, darlings.

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