Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Foxwoods Open

One of only a few giant opens in the USA (the Europeans seem to specialize in them), Foxwoods starts tomorrow and runs through March 23rd. There are always several sections and usually several chess femmes playing. This year is no different (thank the Chess Goddess). I'm a fan of WFM Alisa Melekhina (USA 2247) - but she's paired against one of the top 8 players in Round 1 and, frankly, I expect she's going to get smushed. I hope I'm wrong! But she's playing GM Ildar Ibragimov (2656) - more than a 400 point discrepancy in their ELOs. Oh my. HINT TO FOXWOODS WEBMASTER: How about a list of players playing in each section, with chess femmes denoted by "F"? I have no idea who is playing in this event until AFTER the event and the results are published at The Week in Chess. Not the best way to present a website for one of the biggest events in American chess! You can do better. Starting in Round 3 (I've no idea why not earlier) Monroi will have live games.

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