Saturday, March 22, 2008

Women in Archaeology: Kathleen Mary Kenyon

From "Kathleen Mary Kenyon [1906-1978]" By K. Kris Hirst, Definition: English archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon is perhaps best known for excavating at Jericho, although she worked at the Great Zimbabwe site with Caton-Thompson, and excavated at Jerusalem. She was a student of Mortimer Wheeler's, working with Wheeler and his wife Tessa at the Roman site of Verulamium. Kenyon was associated with the University of London Institute of Archaeology, the British School of Archaeology at Jerusalem, and St. Hugh's College, Oxford. She is also known for her work on what is now called the Wheeler-Kenyon excavation method (where you leave balks standing between units to better understand stratigraphy). Brief (very) Bibliography
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This glossary entry is part of the Dictionary of Archaeology. Any mistakes are the responsibility of Kris Hirst.

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