Monday, March 17, 2008

Support Gata Kamsky Going for the Championship

Hola darlings! I usually don't feature chess hommes at this blog or in the Chess Femme News at Goddess chess :) - but this is a special case. the USA's highest rated chess player, GM Gata Kamsky, will be playing a match in late autumn against GM Veslin Topalov. The winner of this match will have the right to a title match for the world chess championship in 2009. Gata has set up a charitable (i.e., donations are tax-deductible) foundation to support his bid for the world chess championship. In the future, the foundation will support promising chess talent. A dedicated team of the highest level chess talent is needed to support Gata in his quest to bring the world chess championship back home to the USA. Contributions to the foundation will help! The endeavor is backed by our eternally cash-strapped U.S. Chess Federation, which can offer our top chess player no help. Geez!

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