Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manmade - or Not?

Traces of Ancient Civilization Discovered in Chelyabinck Region (Russia) September 29, 2008 Amazing enormous constructions of stone - megaliths - some of them weighing up to 20 tons, were erected in the Isle of Vera, Lake Turgoyak of Chelyabinsk Region. Researchers have long tried to solve the puzzle of this enigmatic structure. Cooperation of archaeologists and divers has allowed finding out a lot of new things and create many more questions. “First divers went underwater around Turgoyak Lake and then we followed them” - scientist Stanislav Grigoryev says - “the greatest sensation was to see a megalith at the depth of about two meters under water surface. The point is it had been practically impossible to create it underwater. It means that in those times there was a neck of land here and the present day island was a peninsula. During close examination we found some parts that remind of hand-made blockwork”. Source: gzt.ru *********************************** I don't know - need more photographs and measurements. This could just be natural eroded rock formations, somewhat like the Grand Canyon, for instance. No age given, either.

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