Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Taste of Honey

A lengthy but entertaining article about this ancient history of the bee at Andrew Gough's Arcadia. This is identified as a "bee" next to the "signature of Hapshepsut" by Gough. Hapshepsut was one of the most famous of the female pharaohs of ancient Egypt, who ruled during the 15th century BCE. I'm not necessarily buying everything Gough has to say on the subject of bee worship in antiquity, but he does bring a refreshing slant to the subject of a very important little living being, one which this world cannot long survive without (unless we come up with nano-bees or something like that will take over the process of pollinating kajillions of plants and food crops every year...)


RubyPanther said...

Bees are the pollinator we hear the most about, but that's only because they save it up in a way we can steal. So that's where our focus and experience is.

Flies, moths, etc. do a lot more of the pollination though.

But yeah, bees rock. ;)

Jan said...

Thanks for the info, rubypanther. I didn't know that flies pollinated plants, but I did forget about butterflies and moths.

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