Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Russian 15 Year Old Becomes WGM

From Chessdom: I think they need to get a more current photograph of the young lady. Fifteeen does not look ten these days, darlings! Alina Kashlinskaya becomes WGM at 15! February 11, 2009 The Russian chess prodigy achieves her third norm at the Moscow Open Alina Kashlinskaya became WGM after achieving her last norm at the Moscow Open, informs the Russian website This is her second top record achievement in a row. In 2007 Kashlinskaya became Europe’s youngest Women International Master, now in 2009 she is already Europe's youngest WGM. The previous norms were achieved in August 2007 at a tournament in Croatia and in October 2008 at a tournament in the Ukraine.The Russian Chess Federation will send a request to FIDE’s next congress for the title of the chess prodigy. Read more.

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