Monday, March 30, 2009

Three Thousand Year Old Bone Insciptions Found in Shaanxi Province

The article includes a video (don't know if it will work): Bone inscriptions found in China WATCH VIDEO Source: 03-26-2009 08:29 Archeologists have discovered inscriptions on bones which offer clues to the name of the father of Emperor Wen, founder of the Western Zhou Dynasty some three-thousand years ago. The discovery was made during an excavation in northern China's Shaanxi Province. In an area where were the domain of the Western Zhou Dynasty, about 700 animal bones bearing inscriptions have been uncovered. Of the readable 16-hundred inscribed characters, archeologists found the name "Wang Ji" which had never been mentioned in other historic records before. They inferred that this probably refers to the father of Emperor Wen. Archeologist Wang Zhankui said, "The Grandfather of Emperor Wen was pleased by the good omen occurring at the birth of Emperor Wen. So he passed his title down to the father of Emperor Wen which was his third son." The inscriptions also mentioned many other important figures of the Western Zhou Dynasty.

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