Friday, April 3, 2009

How Did I Miss THIS?

HOLY GODDESS! Check out this press release from March 30th - I have no idea how I could have missed it! Japanese Super Chess Computer By Dr. Andras Akobian Russian Federation Contact publisher via email Introducing “SPACE Tech”, the latest Cyborg chess beast Susan Polgar Advanced Computer Engineering (SPACE) Technology and Fujitso LLC For_Immediate_Release: Russian Federation (Press Release) March 30, 2009 -- Introducing “SPACE Tech”, the latest Cyborg chess beast By Fujitso LLC

Susan Polgar Advanced Computer Engineering (SPACE) Technology·

DD660 includes quad-core Xeon processors and 1-TB SATA drive support.

8 GIG of RAM.

The system provides up to 2 TB per hour of aggregate inline de-duplication throughput, and up to 700 GB per hour for a single stream. It offers up to 36 TB of raw capacity. With its data reduction capabilities, the system can handle from 520 TB to 1.3 PB of logical capacity.

SPACE also contains additional secret state of the art components by Fujitso LLC which will greatly enhance calculation speed.

source: FPR

Chess database of over 4 million games.

Latest endgame tablebases which include nearly all significant 7-piece endgame.

Latest opening tablebases which include a number of secret analysis from top Russian Grandmasters.

This super computer is trained to learn from its own mistakes as well as those of the opponent. It utilizes an expreimental artifical intelligence program developed by the Russian Academy of Science which provides the program with unmatched middlegame positional play.

After 6 months of lab testing, SPACE has an estimated rating of 3,500, which is far stronger than the latest version of Rybka.

NASA has shown great interest in the program as a possible onboard mission commander for deep space exploration.

Russian Academy of Science 152020 Pereslavl-Zalessky Russia

********************************************************************* What will GM Susan Polgar be involved in next, I ask you? And - you read it here first - that wily rascal Phil Innes a/k/a The Parrot over at has publicly declared (although not in so many words), that he has competing interests to Polgar's vis a vis certain Japanese business interests and therefore is he "distancing himself" from America's sole female GM. Is a competitor SUPER COMPUTER about to be unveiled - one designed with input from the nearly IM Innes? Stay tuned! LOL! I darn near peed my pants laughing. This one is MUCH better than last year's April Fools Announcement. Good job, GM Polgar and Phil!

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