Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 Christ Lutheran Academy Chess Tournament

Hola darlings! My favorite scholastic chess organization, the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation, presents a tournament on May 2, 2009 in Kenosha, Wisconsin:
Christ Lutheran Academy Chess Tournament Saturday May 2nd, 2009
Location: Messiah Lutheran Church (Parish Hall) 2026 22nd Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140 Format: K– 3, K- 6 and K – 12 divisions, Wisconsin-rated, 6 round Swiss, G30. WSCF membership not required. Rounds 1 may be G25. Awards:
K–3: Three Team Trophies. Individual trophies to top three players; and medals to all K–6: Three Team Trophies. Individual trophies to top three players; and medals to all. K–12: Three Team Trophies. Individual trophies to top three players and medals to all. Award Ceremony may begin between 4:00 and 4:30. Entry: $10 per player for advance registration, $15 on site registration Check-in from 7:45 to 8:45. Round 1 begins at 9:30 or before. Players not checked in by 8:45 will begin play in round 2. Please check in as early as possible. For advance registration, register online at before 11 pm on April 30th. Registration fee will be paid at the tournament. Make checks payable to Christ Lutheran Academy. Coaches and parents only at registration table, please. Coaches, please do not register until all of your players have arrived. Lunch: Available for purchase on-site. Supervision: At least one designated adult supervisor must be present at all times during the tournament to oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K through 8th grade. Bring: Pencils, chess sets and clocks if you have them. Chess boards and other chess items will be available for purchase on site. Questions: Contact the tournament host Rev Thomas Chryst at or 262-633- 4831 or WSCF at td or 262-573-5624. Chess Notation: Chess notation required in all USCF divisions and in all WSCF divisions with students over 3rd grade. WSCF and host reserve the right to change or delete divisions and number of awards depending upon entries on day of tournament.
Come, one and all, and join the fun playing in this fab event. Send me your best game in PGN and I'll publish it here, where millions of readers from around the world will see it and analyze it in awe and amazement at your brilliance!!! Well, okay, not millions, thousands. Yes, do not snort, it is not polite. We do get thousands of readers here each week, which we find absolutely amazing but extremely gratifying :)) Send your photos too - we'll have a big ol' party right here online.

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