Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tourist Visits to Greece Decline

A story from Yahoo News on April 13, 2009: Greece sees fall in visits to ancient sites Well - duh! I wonder why!!! A lousy economy worldwide is one thing - but weeks of reports of riots in the streets by THUGS that were unchecked by the Greek authorities no doubt played their part, too. I mean, come on, guys! There were reports of burning cars, torched businesses, assaulted police officers, the cessation of vital services such as public transportation, businesses closed, absolute anarchy reigned. Would a tourist in her right mind want to pay good money just to be caught up in that kind of mess? Geez! Once again evidence is provided that the world is mostly populated by frigging idiots, who cannot add 2 plus 2 together to arrive at the correct answer of 4.

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