Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 Queens: All Queens Chess Day!

A special event hosted by 9 Queens and Bookmans! "All Queens Chess Day" October 18, 2009 between 1 - 4 PM It is Tuscon, Arizona's "first chess tournament and workshop exclusively for women and girls." PLACE: Bookmans, 6230 East Speedway, Tuscon, AZ CONTACT: Email to pre-register for the tournament or sign up for chess lessons! For further information. WOW! This events sounds like so much fun! 9 Queens is doing great work with the most vunerable, at-risk children. By teaching them chess, the children learn so much more than just how to play the game. It is well-documented that the skills a child acquires in learning how to play chess spreads far beyond the chessboard, into every area of the child's life, and the results are almost immediately discernable: increased concentration and focus; increased ability to formulate goals and plans to achieve those goals; discipline; self-control; learning good sportsmanship; learning how to deal with defeat; learning how to deal with success and ego. I'm no expert in this area by any means, but I understand from what I've read that better academic results are also seen quite early on as a child progresses in chess learning, too. These are worthy goals for anyone - but especially for our children. More than ever, we need to teach our kids these kinds of skills, because they are not now and will not only be competing against each other in the future; in the global economy, they are and will be competing against just about everyone else in their generation in the entire world! Please consider making a donation to 9 Queens to aid their great work!

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