Saturday, September 12, 2009

Child Burials Found in Peru

My guess is that they were human sacrifices to the Goddess of the Mountain, but I know nothing :) Human Archeological Remains Found in Sacsayhuamán Katrina Heimark September 8, 2009 (Note: Please ignore the photograph that was embedded in the article. It depicts a length-wise human burial, not a fetal-position burial as was mentioned in the article. I don't understand why authors and/or editors DO this kind of thing without tagging it as baloney!) Remains of two children, estimated to be between 12 and 13 at the time of their death, were found within the Archeological park of Sacsayhuamán, next to the huaca Qowiqarana. They were placed in the fetal position and were facing the Apu Huanacaure, one of mountains that dominates the landscape around Cusco. The children were found buried with a small stone model of the hilltops that surround the Huanacaure, as well as painted vessel. Luis Guevara, the archeologist in charge of the excavation managed by Cusco’s National Cultural Institute, states that “the cult of the Apu Huanacuare was founded by the Inca Pachacúteq. As we know, this mountain was considered by the Incas, and by today’s population, to be sacred because it is associated with the foundation of Cusco.” The huaca consists of a large rock that sticks out of the slope. According to Guevara, a secondary path crossed through this area, which connected to the path of the Antisuyo. Experts believe that this huaca is associated with the Apu Huanacaure cult because from its top, one can observe the mountain in its entire splendor. I do not have a tentative date on these remains, as I am not familiar with the cultures mentioned in the article. Actually, other than some specialists, who is???

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