Friday, September 11, 2009

Learning Chess - Future World Chess Champion

This is Mia Arculeo. She is four years old. Mia is the daugher of friends of my friend, Shira Evans (Computer Labs for Kids). Today Shira taught Mia "some moves." Shira reports Mia wants to learn MORE: She's a little chess genius in the making. She loved it and wants to learn more. Right now she is just learning about the pawns - how they move and how they capture. Her face lit up when she "won"! Shira


Unknown said...

Ah Jan, she is a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing the photo of Mia with us. Look out Judit, Topalov and Anand, your in for some tough competion from Mia in a few years!!

Jan said...

Hi Wayne,

I just could not resist Mia's photos that Shira took with her cell phone cam during the 'lesson.' Mia's parents also want to learn to play chess.

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