Thursday, October 29, 2009

Computer Labs for Kids: Update

Shira Evans has revamped and updated the Computer Labs for Kids (cl4k) website and announced the organization's newest project: the SOS Children's Villages Illinois. She has already mapped out the project and ordered 28 laptop computers! Shira wrote in a news email to her supporters: Our program will be for 28 children between the ages of 5 and 8. We can't show the faces of the children this time (for the children's security), but I will have lots of other fun things I can share. I've already ordered the laptops, and the date is set for Sunday, November 15th! Wish me luck! I'm very excited about this one as it's our biggest yet!!! Not only is Shira busy with her current work assignment in the Windy City as well as putting together the SOS Childrens Villages Illinois project for cl4k, she's been busy playing chess online. She's completed 8 games at Chesspro - won all of them. She's also completed 18 games at Lexulous - won 4, lost 13 and 1 draw. The crowd must be tougher at Lexulous. When I checked in on my game at during lunch today, I saw that Shira had challenged me to a new game. I plan on giving her a better fight than I gave to Chessdaddy in the last two games I played with him. Crashed and burned - badly. I am working out the details for getting a new chess coach, by the way. He recommended that I buy and read How to Play Chess Like an Animal. How could I possibly resist? LOL! I'll let you know how it goes. We are going to play a game so he can check out my relative skill level (I use relative and skill quite liberally in regard to my chess-playing abilities). He says he will make chess fun for me again. Hmmmm... As it is, at the moment, I spent almost half my lunch hour starting at my game with an unknown player trying to decide what move to make, dithering back and forth, attempting to analyze what would happen if I make this move versus that move versus that move, and for the life of me it's driving me nuts! My natural instinct is to go for the jugular in this game and commence a bloodbath, and may the best pawn be standing at the end (probably my opponent's). But then I say to myself, "Self, that's probably what he (or she) wants you to do. That's exactly why he (or she) put that damn pawn there on c3. He (or she) is just trying to psych you out." He (or she) doesn't have to try to psych me out; I'm doing a pretty darn good job all by myself :)

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