Sunday, October 25, 2009

Humpy Calls AICF's Bluff

From The Times of India Humpy declares war on AICF secy TNN 26 October 2009, 01:08am IST CHENNAI: Grandmaster Koneru Humpy seems to have declared war on All India Chess Federation secretary DV Sundar. On Sunday, in an interesting sequel to her first salvo two days ago, Humpy challenged the AICF secretary to appear for an open debate in front of the media to "prove his point". The World No. 2 [Women's List] also released documents to support her allegations. Earlier, Humpy had withdrawn from the Asian indoor championship after Sundar allegedly refused permission for her to be accompanied by her father/coach. Sundar had termed Humpy's allegations "baseless" and a "combination of half-truths and lies". Humpy released letters that were exchanged between the two with regard to the incidents mentioned in her allegations. Humpy revealed she was never comfortable with any other coach than her father. "Once I tried without his guidance in the Chess Olympiad, 2006, at Turin, Italy, and I utterly collapsed," says Humpy in her open letter to Sundar. In the four tournaments during the 2009-10 period for which Humpy confirmed participation, her father agreed to pay the airfare and for stay and food but all that he required was his inclusion in the delegation and visa/accreditation clearance, reveals the letter. The request was not granted by Sundar. Humpy made it clear that the issue was not exactly about AICF bearing the expenses for her father's trip, as pointed out by Sundar, but "it's about his (Sundar's) tyrannical attitude in forcing me to play in the tournaments irrespective of my preferences". Humpy described how she had been treated shabbily in India, while she got perfect conditions while she played for her club, Monaco, to which Sundar took exception. "He (Sundar) needs to go to Monte Carlo and see for himself. I'm proud to be part of the team for the Monaco Club. For the third time consecutively I played for the Monaco team. They know the importance of a trainer, and invite me along with my dad. They treat me like a celebrity and cheer me up for every game. On the other hand Mr. Sundar encourages me with warning letters," she said, and claimed she got a winning position in her "first game off the chess board". She also refuted Sundar's claim that it is the world body (FIDE) that issues certificates of participation and released certificates signed by the AICF secretary in international events.

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