Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Dramatic Rescue! Mother Rescues Child

Mommy to the rescue! These images were sent to me earlier today in an email by a friend who knows I have a great fondness for squirrels. The young black dog (looks like a lab or lab mix) is crouched in a play position, ready to pounce upon the "prey" it has discovered at the base of the tree - a baby squirrel! Mommy squirrel rushes to the rescue - you can see the panicked look on her face! She jumps on the dog and uses those sharp nut-cracking teeth to full advantage, attacking the dog's neck area. Baby squirrel escapes and rushes toward the tree as mommy squirrel continues her desperate attack! The last photo shows mommy squirrel protectively hovering over the baby squirrel as she moves baby back up the tree trunk to the nest. I found these photos online at several different places, I believe (although not 100% sure), they first surfaced in February, 2009. I honestly do not know if they are real or if, somehow, a trained dog and trained squirrels were used. I have a suspicion, slight, only because in that final photo I cannot image a dog just sitting there watching the squirrels escape up the tree. Wouldn't the dog be jumping up on its hind legs, trying to catch the squirrels? On the other hand, after being bested by this mommy squirrel, maybe doggy thought better of that plan!

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