Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Storm

In vain did I try shoveling out a path from my front stoop to the road and mail-box this morning.  My shovel does not even penetrate the top layer of the ice-snow mixture.  Goddess - I don't even know whether to laugh or cry.  So I'm just trying to laugh about it as my crunch-crunch-crunch footsteps are left behind and the shovel makes no dent at all.

I took these photos of the barberry shrubs that are alongside my front stoop.  They, at least, were a little spot of beauty in this frigid wasteland.  Oy, and I hear the plowers/salters coming through again - not that it has made any difference on the slick roads in the subdivision in which I live; except for piling up more frozen non-penetrable ice chunks at the foot of my driveway.  You know what - I'm getting too old for this.  Damn.

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