Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stormy Weather!

Ohmygoddess, Mother Nature is doing a number on Wisconsin today, geez!  Just barely had all the snow melted out of my driveway after a week-long thaw that was soooooo nice (except for the icy sidewalks in the morning caused by melting snow, before the temperatures rose above freezing on a couple of days) when today, ICE/SNOW/RAIN/ICE/SNOW/RAIN.  You get the idea.  I expect before this is over there will be hundreds of trees severely damaged, thousands of people without power because ice-coated power lines snap under the strain, and several people killed in car accidents because stupid people WILL drive in this weather and go too fast for conditions. 

We were supposed to have an investment club meeting this morning (we meet for breakfast at 9 a.m.) but we called the meeting off after consultations on the forecast yesterday afternoon.  However, by 8 a.m. this morning no sign of the storm.  I got dressed, had breakfast, read some of the newspaper, and headed out to the supermarket at 9 a.m.  It felt "wet" outside, that is, the air was heavy, but there was no precipitation.  That is, until I got half a block away from home, LOL!  I first heard (did not feel) little "pings" on what was left of the snow banks and, about a minute later, could feel "pings" on my now being pelted with ice pellets face. Thank goddess for a good hood!  That mostly sheltered my face as I continued my mile walk to pick up essential items: wine, bread, milk, eggs, birdfood.  I have a 2 week supply of squirrels' peanuts and almonds already in stock :)

By the time I made my way back home it was snowing in earnest, the roads and sidewalks were already coated over and the salt trucks were already out!  I was to the market and back in 55 minutes (I had a long wait in the check-out line, that slowed me down; evidently everyone else had the same idea I had - get to the store before the storm started.  Crap!) .  Ever since, it's been snow/ice/rain in repeating cycles.  I've got the t.v. on now and there is an unending scroll across the bottom with cancellations.

I just hope my power doesn't go out!

Tomorrow it looks like I'll be trying out my Yak Trax for the first time.  No more penguin-walking to the bus stop!

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