Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Pics from Las Vegas

From Caesar's Palace Gardens, looking south toward one of the Imperial Palace buildings.

Caesar's Palace has many fountains, inside and outside.  This is on the path north toward the main entrance to the Forum Shops.  In the background is part of the street facade of Harrah's.

Love this view toward the north.  On the far right you can see the top of the Paris faux Eiffel Tower, then the Cosmopolitan with City Center buildings behind it; on the right of the sign is part of the Caesar's Palace complex.

Roses, roses all over!  Las Vegas gardens are filled with them right now, in full bloom. This is a shot looking south,
with the facade of the Flamingo (Donny and Marie are currently stationed there), then Ballys, and behind that
is Paris.  You can really see the good bones of this garden - the strong vertical elements in the upright dark green cypress and the closely clipped hedges of various evergreens provide interest all year round.

Looking south toward the Cosmopolitan.  Caesar's Palace Gardens features a long classically-styled pool with three fountains, surrounded by a walkway complimented with symetrically styled beds on all sides.  I tucked myself in here and there to take these photos.  The air in the gardens was filled with the scents of the flowers and there was a light spray from the fountains carried on the breeze.  In this photo you can see the newest addition -  Serendipity's, which has a large outdoor  public seating area off the street, under a large open-air tent structure.  A great place to take a break from the hustle-bustle, enjoy a drink and people watch.

A view toward one of the staircases in the Caesar's Palace Gardens.  I love the Siberian Iris (the deep purple flowers with the spikey leaves) that were all over the gardens!  The gardens are "sunken" in relation to the rest of the architecture on the Caesar's Palace Grounds.  You really get a feeling of being in another place and time, despite being everywhere surrounded by monumental facades which ever way you look.  Whoever designed these gardens - perfect!

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