Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Gown Good for Rhode Island Economy


Middleton's wedding dress pushes orders for RI lace company
By NBC 10 News
Published: April 29, 2011
Over the past few years the business of lace has taken a major hit. "Depending on fashion, sometimes when lace is not in, we haven't had that many orders and we're not as busy," said Laurie Roberts-Levers of Levers Lace in West Greenwich.

But on Friday morning, lace made a comeback in a big way. "One of the ladies I work with came in and said, 'You have to see it! It has lace on the sleeve and on the bodice,'" Roberts-Levers said.

The moment Kate Middletown walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in an Alexander McQueen lace masterpiece, lace companies around the globe knew business just picked up.

Levers Lace plans to fill thousands of orders for designers looking to make wedding dress replicas.

"In our New York office, I'm sure that they will be approached with ideas and they have their own in house designer and I'm sure sales for us will be wonderful," Roberts-Levers said.

A type of Chantilly lace is what's in high demand. It's similar to the lace Middletown wore during the wedding and will be used for many of the replicas. In the meantime, Levers Lace plans to bring in some extra help in order to keep up with the replica demand.

"We dropped from having 35 employees to six, two being my husband and myself. Now we've hired back quite a few more, like 15 people. And now with the wedding (Friday), hopefully it'll pick up even more," Roberts-Levers said.

More jobs, more business and all thanks to one dress.

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