Friday, June 10, 2011

The World Is Going To The Dogs

Dogs are in the news - not always in a good way.  Dogs and tigers and bears, oh my!

Is there a pack of "bloodthirsty" killer wild dogs on the loose in Stevens County, northeast Washington state?  That's what some folks are saying and here is a photograph of at least one of the guilty canines taken by a security camera at one of the farms where an animal was allegedly killed by the pack.  What the hell kind of dog is this?  A - get ready for it - HELL HOUND. Bwwwwaaaahhhhaaaaa!
Fri Jun 10, 3:36 pm ET
Bloodthirsty pack of dogs take out 350-lb. llama
By Liz Goodwin
I would not want to meet such a critter in a dark alley, or even a light alley.

Thu Jun 9, 1:01 pm ET
Millionaire dog dies at age 12
By Liz Goodwin
Trouble and her human, Leona Helmsley. Date unknown.
Photo from story.
Leona Helmsley's cute little poochy died at age 12, evidently in December, 2010. You may remember that after Helmsley's death the dog was left millions of dollars in trust for his care.  This little doggy, who never hurt anyone in his entire life, received death threats! Some people are just so fricking sick it's not funny. Trouble, the dog, lost his beloved owner, and then - according to the story - lost at least two more family caretakers - during what was left of his life. People who know dogs know that they mourn and grieve, and they do remember lost loved ones. Trouble the dog suffered a lot of trauma.  So-called scientists who have studied dogs and say stupid things like dogs don't have emotions and aren't all that intelligent haven't spent enough time with them and really gotten to know them. Now, the cemetery where Leona Helmsley is buried refuses to let the dog's remains be buried with her, although she specified that this was her wish. I mean, come on! You won't let the lady have her last wish to have her beloved pet buried with her? How low can you go?  As low as someone making death threats to a dog? Geez.

You know things are really going to the dogs when police dogs lose their jobs! Here are two recent reports of canine heros who have been "laid off" because of budget crunches. Why not lay off police horses? They eat a lot more!

Police Dog Laid Off In Jeannette
Wando, 3 Officers Victims Of Budget Cuts
POSTED: 1:50 pm EDT September 28, 2010
UPDATED: 8:05 pm EDT September 28, 2010
Wando says, you took a crappy picture of me
and my human, dude!
JEANNETTE, Pa. -- Budget issues in one Westmoreland County community has left a four-footed officer without a job.

Channel 4 Action News' Jennifer Miele reported that Jeannette City Council voted to lay off three police officers effective next Tuesday, about a quarter of the force, because of budgetary concerns.

The layoffs include the department's K-9 unit, Officer Justin Scalzo and his drug dog, Wando.

Time Magazine on line reports that 5-year old Canine drug-sniffer Daro was laid off:

Reported June 8, 2011
In This Recession, Even a Police Dog Got Laid Off
(No photo of Daro)
This story  may have more to do with a dispute with the doggy's handler - but then you know how those politicians twist everything around to make an innocent person look like a villain - especially when it comes ot budget cuts.  I say - CUT THE GOVERNORS - CUT THE LT. GOVERNORS.  CUT THE ATTORNEYS-GENERAL, who the hell needs them when it's the assistant attorneys prosecuting all the cases and doing all the work anyway?  CUT ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS.  The workers make up their own schedules and police themselves, so who needs departmental heads?  They add absolutely no value to the services that government provides.  All they do is take up desk space and shuffle paper around all day trying to look busy.  I've interacted with these people for years, I know whereof I speak!

Keep the dogs!  Dogs earn their pay and work without complaint.  Dogs love us and will never leave us, no matter if we're jerks.  Dogs always give 150% because they want to please us.  Dogs can teach us a lot about being human beings. 


John Webb said...

And tigers...

'The Tigers Wife' won an important literary competition:

Jan said...

Hi Robur d'Amour, wow, what an interesting story. I confess I haven't heard of the novel nor knew of the Orange Award - it looks like a Degas sculpture, is it modeled after one? The story is definitely worthy of its own post.

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