Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Quebec Open Chess Championship

For our friends in the FQE.  The Quebec Open takes place July 21 - 28, 2012 in wonderful Montreal at the beautiful College Brefeuf playing venue.  This place just takes your breath away, it is so gorgeous!

There is only one chess femme competing in the Invitational - WGM Melissa Greef from South Africa.  She is competing in a touch field!  Here are the standings after R4:

1GMSO WesleyPHI26503.59.00
2GMBRUZON BATISTA LazaroCUB27113.08.00
3GMSUMETS AndreyUKR26183.06.75
4IMSMITH Bryan GUSA24413.06.50
5IMHANSEN EricCAN24603.05.25
6IMGERZHOY LeonidCAN24593.04.50
7IMNARODITSKY DanielUSA24863.03.00
9GMKOVALYOV AntonARG26142.55.25
10FMJIANG LouieCAN23372.54.25
11GMROZENTALIS EduardasLTU26002.53.75
GMBOJKOV DejanBUL25562.53.75
14IMNORITSYN NikolayCAN24602.03.25
15IMYANG DarwinUSA24982.02.50
IMPEREZ GARCIA Rodney OscarCUB24122.02.50
IMCALUGAR ArthurCAN22732.02.50
19IMPANJWANI RajaCAN23922.02.00
20GMSAMBUEV BatorCAN25422.01.50
21MASSE HuguesCAN22321.53.50
BERUBE AntoineCAN21521.53.50
23IMPIASETSKI LeonCAN22901.53.25
24FMKLEINMAN MichaelCAN22931.52.50
25FMLEVEILLE FrancoisCAN23011.52.00
26FMTHAVANDIRAN ShiyamCAN23011.51.75
27QIN Zi Yi JoeyCAN21981.01.50
28FMVOSKANYAN VahagnCAN22401.01.00
29HUMPHREYS MichaelCAN21791.00.50
WGMGREEFF MelissaRSA20911.00.50
31KRAIOUCHKINE NikitaCAN22040.51.50
32PRAHOV ValentinBUL22090.00.00

There was a great turnout for all sections.  I will report on the final standings of any chess femmes whose names I recognize (I have a very difficult time identifying players with names that don't originate from my own English-speaking background - sorry) at the end of play!  Good luck to all of the chess femmes.  I know some of the ladies who will be competing for the Canadian Women's Chess Champion title in August are playing in this event.

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