Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Spanish Women's Chess Championship

Taking place before the "main" event, the chess femmes faced off in Linares, Spain August 19th through August 25, 2013.  Here is the final ranking table, courtesy of The Week in Chess:

ch-ESP w 2013 Linares ESP Mon 19th Aug 2013 - Sun 25th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Alexandrova OlgaESP24316.538.048.044.5
28Calzetta Ruiz MonicaESP22216.536.543.543.0
33Matnadze AnaESP23906.039.050.545.5
46Hernandez Estevez YudaniaESP22306.037.047.543.5
52Vega Gutierrez SabrinaESP24026.036.547.543.0
64Nicolas Zapata IreneESP22535.537.046.543.5
75Aranaz Murillo AmaliaESP22465.536.046.542.5
811Vega Gutierrez BelindaESP21485.038.048.544.5
915Perera Borrego MarielaESP20625.035.546.042.0
107Garcia Vicente NievesESP22275.035.045.541.0
119Guadamuro Torrente AnabelESP21955.033.543.039.5
1210Collado Barbas LauraESP21515.
1312Cerrato Torrijos MariaESP21485.032.541.538.5
1417Redondo Arguelles GracielaESP20085.031.538.037.5
1518Gonzalez Berruga Ana IsabelESP20044.533.542.039.5
1616Ruiz Font ElisabetESP20594.532.542.039.0
1713Fidalgo Fernandez LuciaESP21374.532.541.539.0
1814Alfonso Nogue BeatrizESP20854.531.039.537.0
1922Beltran Ortiz Edda GeorginaESP19064.530.539.537.0
2021Iza Abete AmaiaESP19914.530.538.035.5
2120Riera Morilla ElizabethESP19914.529.538.535.5
2219Ordonez Torres Maria Del CarmESP19944.527.533.533.0
2325Buiza Prieto EihartzeESP17234.027.032.532.0
2423Romero Diez SandraESP18224.
2527Erades Berenguer AnaESP15513.526.531.531.0
2626Martin Dinares SoniaESP17083.526.034.031.5
2724Barrio Ugidos AinhoaESP17523.025.030.530.0
2828Gonzalez Benavides PilarESP15373.
2929Acebal Muniz Maria ConcepcionESP12921.
29 players
Interestingly, IM Ana Matnadze, with the third highest ELO in this group, finished in third place overall with 6.0/9, while relatively speaking she performed much better in the Spanish Championship with 96 players, finishing in 15th place overall, also with 6.0/9.  Does that mean anything?  Does that mean, for instance, that the chess femmes are perhaps better players overall than their ratings would suggest, due to the effect of playing in women's ratings ghetto events?  Does it mean that some of the male players are not as good as their ELOs would indicate?  Inquiring minds want to know...

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