Saturday, September 7, 2013

78th Spanish Chess Championship 2013

Hola darlings!  I'm still among the living, just been busy with other things.  Today too, but I'm stealing time today to post because I haven't been here since August 27th, eek!  Are there any readers left out there, echo echo echo...

The 78th Spanish Chess Championship was held in the famous chess city, Linares, from August 29th through September 26, 2013.  Coming in clear first with 7.5/9 was GM Ivan Salgado Lopez (ESP 2614).

The highest placing female player (96 players) was IM Ana Matnadze (ESP 2390) with 6.0, tying with several other players also at 6.0/9:

86Perez Candelario ManuelGMESP2569652350
910Castellanos Rodriguez RenierIMESP2510651.5360
109Ibarra Jerez Jose CarlosGMESP2538651.535.50
1117Teran Alvarez IsmaelIMESP2422651.532.50
1229Andres Gonzalez IvanFMESP2311648300
1326Torres Ventosa Pedro EugenioFMESP2317647.5300
1420Astasio Lopez DavidFMESP2392647320
1521Matnadze AnaIMESP2390647300
167Alonso Rosell AlvarGMESP2550646.531.50
1716Recuero Guerra DavidIMESP2454646.5290
1815Gonzalez De La Torre SantiagoIMESP2472645.5290
1942Gavilan Diaz MarioFMESP2225644270

Other chess femmes who participated:

2440Hernandez Estevez YudaniaWIMESP22305.548290
2718Vega Gutierrez SabrinaIMESP2402549290
3133Nicolas Zapata IreneWIMESP2253546.5280
3736Aranaz Murillo AmaliaWIMESP2246543.5250
4558Perera Borrego MarielaESP20624.542.521.50
5653Vega Gutierrez BelindaWIMESP2148443210
7493Redondo Benavente AnaESP15493.533.515.50
7587Represa Perez MireyaESP17053.53213.50

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