Saturday, September 7, 2013

European Individual Women's Chess Championship 2013

From The Week in Chess and the official website (check it out - lots of photographs of the action and interviews with the chess femmes, among other things). 

169 players.  Here are the top finishers only (see The Week in Chess for full table):

ch-EUR Ind w 2013 Belgrade SRB Tue 23rd Jul 2013 - Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Hoang Thanh TrangGMHUN24679.0242173.079.0
2Melia SalomeIMGEO24288.0245272.577.0
3Mkrtchian LilitIMARM24548.0240470.575.5
4Cmilyte ViktorijaGMLTU24978.0239368.573.5
5Kosteniuk AlexandraGMRUS24898.0239367.071.5
6Khotenashvili BelaIMGEO25128.0238869.074.5
7Socko MonikaGMPOL24358.0236065.069.5
8Kashlinskaya AlinaWGMRUS23347.5243369.573.0
9Arabidze MeriWGMGEO23207.5243273.577.5
10Pogonina NatalijaWGMRUS24787.5240768.072.5
11Kovanova BairaWGMRUS23717.5239870.074.5
12Muzychuk AnnaGMSLO25947.5239369.073.5
13Girya OlgaWGMRUS24377.5239169.575.0
14Stefanova AntoanetaGMBUL24977.5236265.070.0
15Ozturk KubraWGMTUR22937.5236065.069.0
16Cramling PiaGMSWE25237.5235664.570.0
17Javakhishvili LelaIMGEO24657.5232459.063.5
18Atalik EkaterinaIMEUR24307.5231959.063.5
19Milliet SophieIMFRA23967.5229860.565.0
20Arakhamia-Grant KetevanGMSCO23857.5228059.063.5

Good to see IM Salome Melia doing so well - and she looks fabulous too!  Melia was a WGM at the time we brought her from Europe to participate in the 2009 City of Montreal Chess Championships, and a city fell in love with her.  Best of all, she earned a second GM norm, whoop whoop! 

It seems like yesterday when Hoang Thanh Trang was a shy teenager with a bad haircut and thick glasses.  She was always a good chessplayer, and has maintained her high level of play.  Lilit Mkrtchian from Armenia (the place where the eight-spoke chariot wheel was first invented in the 19th century BCE, which revolutionized warfare and is, perhaps, memorialized in ancient chess pieces as the 'ruhkh' [often depicted as a horse-drawn war chariot]) has been near the top ranks of female players since her breakthrough performance a few years back in one of FIDE's knock-out format Women's World Chess Chamionships where, I believe (working from my badly leaking memory) she made it all the way into the quarter-finals.  Here's a pic from the official website of the top three finishers:

Salome Melia left, Hoang Thanh Trang center, Lilit Mkrtchian right.
Congratulations to the winners and also to GM Alexandra Kosteniuk who tied with 6 players with 8.0/11 (including Melia and Mrktchian). 

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