Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 Kolkata (Calcutta) Open

One of my favorite chess femmes, GM Koneru Humpy (IND ) is playing in the Kolkata Open on the top boards, against an overwhelming force of GMs and IMs! Here's a list of the chess femmes playing (out of 114 players): SNo. First Name Last Name Title Rating FED 3 Humpy Koneru GM 2612 IND 29 Nisha Mohota WGM 2409 IND 75 Manisha Mohanty Kiran WIM 2270 IND 78 Mary Ann Gomes WIM 2255 IND 88 Rout Padmini WIM 2210 IND 89 Kruttika Nadig WIM 2208 IND I'm sure there are several other chess femmes playing, but I did not recognize the names right off and I'm too tired to run a FIDE name search on each and every name down to player 114 tonight. Sorry!

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