Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Night Miscellany

Ohhhhh, I'm so sick of winter - everybody together now - ohhhhhh, I'm so sick of winter... LOL! Got another 2 inches of snow last night but fortunately most of it melted away today during full sun (although unseasonably cool temperatures, only got up to 39 degrees F, yech). The 16.5" that fell in my neck of the woods last week Friday has mostly melted away too (except for the renewed snow banks that had almost been gone, sigh). Five unrelenting months of cold, hard near record-breaking snowy winter is giving way to rivers cresting at record-breaking levels above flood stage, much filth in the gutters (where DOES all of that garbage come from, and why don't the property owners clean it up? I always sweep out my gutters and pick up any garbage that dares to show its face at Maison Newton!) The new week promises lots of rain - not a good thing. The last time we had this much flooding threat was 1993, when we had the cryptosporidium outbreak in March (accompanied by 70 degree F temperatures - those I remember!), "boil your water" alerts and some 400,000 people allegedly sickened. Yeah, right. It was a way to get off work for a few days, claiming you had "the crypto." Being a perverse femme, I boiled water for my three doggies for the three weeks of the threat (all the doggies have since passed on to that Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky), but I drank my water straight out of the tap, LOL! Never got sick, neither a sniffle nor a cramp in sight! Drat! Anyway, I'm tired, kaput - it's been a long hard week and I'm still recovering from whatever bug it was that took away my voice last week Friday! The voice has returned along with half a ton of phlegm I've been coughing up ever since. Yechy! So, this will be short. First off - an absolutely fascinating story about how a practitioner of "black magic" called a Tantrik (I wonder, is this the same as a Tantric, which I always thought had something to do with S - E - X???) tried and failed before a television audience of hundreds of millions in India to kill a "non-believer!" Stay skinny - or risk dementia!!! This is news? Men can't "read" women - well DUH! What? Vitamin E Creams don't work? Quel horreurs! Good night, darlings.

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