Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Chess Movie!

As I understand it, plans are afoot for a movie about the Fischer-Spassky Rekjavik Match and a few other chess-themed movies too. Good for the sport - the more publicity the better. This movie sounds cool - and it has a female protagonist! Kevin Kline shows lot of Gaul starring in French drama Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:59pm EDT By Gregg Goldstein NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - In his first French-speaking role, Kevin Kline is starring in a drama shooting on location on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. "Joueuse (Queen to Play)" stars Sandrine Bonnaire as a hotel maid captivated by a romantic couple (Jennifer Beals and Francis Renaud) playing chess. The doctor (Kline) whose house she cleans reluctantly becomes her mentor in the game, leading her to a chess tournament and initiating major transformations in her life. First-time feature director Caroline Bottaro adapted the screenplay from Bertina Henrichs' novel "The Chess Player." Kline courted Meg Ryan as a Parisian in "French Kiss," but this is his first role in a French production. "He speaks good French, better than John Malkovich (who lives in France)," said Michel Feller, one of the film's producers. Kline's recent credits include "Definitely, Maybe" and "A Prairie Home Companion." Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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