Monday, March 24, 2008

Living Chess Pieces Needed

This sounds like so much fun! From Volunteers needed for Living Chess Match Submitted by Jessica Volsic Posted: March 24, 2008 The 2008 Fishers Renaissance Faire is seeking volunteers to perform in living chess matches at the Fishers Renaissance Faire on Oct. 4 and 5. Auditions will be April 6 at the Fishers Public Library from 1:30 to 5 p.m. Andrea Fivush, cast irector for the 2008 Fishers Renaissance Faire says the idea is "akin to "Wizard's Chess" from the popular Harry Potter movies. Players will command human pieces across the board. When a piece is taken, they will fight to the death, with the loosing piece ultimately leaving the board -- to the cheers, or jeers, of the crowd." No experience is required to volunteer, however, people interested in participating should be comfortable performing in front of large groups of people. Experience in dance, improvisation, martial arts, or stage combat is a plus. Weapons provided for the audition, but volunteers will need to provide their own costumes and weapons for the actual event. They will also need to attend weekly practice sessions that will start in May. The Fishers Renaissance Faire is a dynamic, cultural and experiential event in an enchanting village-like setting that celebrates the relationship between Fishers, IN and her Sister City of Billericay, England. The 2007 Faire had over 12,000 patrons, over 300 volunteers and 70 artisans. The 2008 Fishers Renaissance Faire is Oct. 4-5 at Conner Prairie (13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, rain or shine. Contact Jessica Volsic at (317) 652-8651.

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You also need to be 16 to participate in the chess match. Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in to auditions. This is a serious stage combat audition and spaces are limited. The costumes are strict 16th cent. english renaissance garb. Stage combat weapons and costumes must be approved by the renfaire for wearing at the faire. This is our first living chess match for the Fishers renfaire and we are very excited to start training our new fight cast! Huzzah! Any 16th cent. historical accounts of chess matches would be very much appreciated to help in our research for the match!
Andrea Fivush
Cast Director

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