Thursday, March 12, 2009

All India Chess Federation Selectively Enforces Stupid Rule

Can you say SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS three times quickly? Do other national chess federations have this rule in place - that is - its top rated players MUST play in the national championship? I can tell you right now, the USA does not have such a rule! Neither does England, and I'm sure Russia does not! Various reports from around the internet: GM Susan Polgar's blog reported on this on December 17, 2008 The Hindu DNAIndia: Players' Body Backs Barred Gopal Now the All India Chess Federation decides to change the rule for all players rated below 2650. Is it REALLY going to tell GMKoneru Humpy, the second highest rated female player in the WORLD, that she MUST now play in the National Championship??? But what about GM Vishy Anand, the current WORLD CHESS CHAMPION? Hey - what's sause for the goose is sauce for the gander, why should Anand not be compelled to play in the National Championship too? In a democracy, both sexes are treated equally - or should be. Will the AICF step up to the plate now and lead the way to a new era of equality???

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