Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doing Almost Nothing (Except Shopping...)

Hola darlings! It's been an absolutely yucky two days here. We are in a nor'easter that just won't stop! We received at least an inch of rain yesterday and probably another inch today, with non-stop winds out of the northeast beating the rain against the house. It is unrelenting gloom, cold and wet. When I stepped out earlier today to shoot a couple of pics of my seasonal swimming pool in the back yard, the ground was squish squish squish, ick! I am grateful for the rain, though, because the counties just to the north and west are getting bombarded with ice and snow! This kind of weather makes one want to hibernate! I haven't felt like doing anything. I've taken long naps, looked at decorating magazines, snoozed while listening to smooth jazz and cooked lots of fattening things that are no good for me! Today after spending many previous hours over the past week or so looking online at bedspreads, lamps and throw rugs, I purchased new accent lamps for the New York guest bedroom, two throw rugs for my room, black pillow shams for my room, and a summer weight taupe/grey/ecru backround toile bedspread with matching pillow shams for my room. I'm so happy! I will move the "buffet lamp" off the New York guest room dresser into my room, where it will join its twin and make a more balanced look for the dresser. It's for pure looks - I don't put my make-up on in the bedroom, I do that in the bathroom where I now actually have enough light to see by since I had the new light fixture installed! Alas, the bath has still not been painted - and next weekend is a no-go, so it looks like I'm two weekends out for painting. The plan had been to walk to the Ace Hardware (or the Dollar Store) about a mile from where I live either yesterday or today and buy the painting equipment I need, but the nasty weather here nixed that plan. That's okay - at least I got my shopping done and I feel much better. It occurred to me today - duh - that there is no reason why I had to keep those lovely black and cream paisley pillow shams in the guest bedroom when I've wanted them all along in my room, so today I moved them. Here are a couple photos of my room as it currently stands. It's getting close, very close... I've also puttered around reframing some photographs - I am now happy with the new $5 each pre-matted dark-wood frames I have hanging in the New York guest bedroom with photos done in black/white from our 2005 New York trip. The frames that were in the guest room now grace one wall in the upstairs hallway and I added a third photo printed in black/white to add to the eclectic mixture. Today I reframed Vitruvian Man, who is also in the upstairs hall - too late to have regrets now since I cut off the top and bottom white "borders" on the poster, eek! I like the frame it's in but there is now about an inch wide white-ish border on either long side that just doesn't look good. Drat! So I think I will pull out my pens and water colors and go to making a nice scroll border on those sides. And if push comes to shove, I will craft-glue some ribbon along those 2 sides to add a little snazz. Drat - I spoke too soon! When I ran downstairs a few minutes ago to throw out another handfull of peanuts and mixed nuts for my squirrels, I saw it was sleeting/snowing! It has since turned mostly into wet heavy snow. Crap! I know if I can see it snowing through the lace under-curtains in the library/computer room it's got to be snowing very heavily.

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